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  • Education

    Not everyone wants to drop thousands of dollars for a course. This platform allows for education by providing specific channels where members can ask questions, use resources, and view information that can aid success in the stock market. We host live educationals 4 days a week.

  • Options Trading

    On a daily basis, our group chat is focusing on trading options. We aim to pick the most profitable options as a team. We do this by communicating by both voice chats and text chats! We also have bots that monitor where smart money is going everyday.

  • Penny Stock Trading

    Some people do not like options so we went ahead and teamed up with one of the most profitable penny stock traders to assist in giving alerts for penny stocks! These alerts are sent on a daily basis!

  • Fast News

    There are occurrences that happen in the world that can directly impact the markets or impact your pockets for the better or worse. Our team sources valuable information to the group that anyone - even advanced traders - find extremely beneficial. Our information is straight from a terminal so sometimes we catch it faster than the market does!

1000+ Members

1000+ Have used our platform to absorb valuable information that aims to help their performance in the stock market. This includes watchlists, news, options, penny stocks, questions room.

$8,000,000+ Profits In 2021

$8M+ Group Profits in just 2021 and looking to double that or more in 2022

Genuine Team

We help construct traders to serve them the most important material to become the best trader they can. The group answers questions rapidly and only employs the most educated.

Diverse Group

We have traders ranging from beginners to experts. From degenerates to boomers. You will easily find traders here that you can relate to as well as be able to expand your knowledge when it comes to trading or investing.


I joined this chat in December of 2019, since then I’ve been obsessed with trading and options. This chat is where I learned a lot of strategies and introduced me to the options community. I couldn’t be happier as I’ve met some amazing people and have had some crazy plays signaled that returned over 500% return. The energy in this chat is something else

There are many chats out there but Trades Signals has provided exactly what I needed and exceeded my expectations beyond belief. There is no beating this chat because there is always growth happening to stay in the loop with everything going on.

This is the first testimonial I have ever done. I came on here last year starting trading earnings. Watching traders grow from the start has been fun to watch. I want to thank @Danny for everything he has done that made me a better trader and by using his support and resistance strategy I have been able to day trade successfully so far.



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